1. General

These terms and conditions apply to all orders and sales that huqrugs makes. 

Exceptions only apply with a written agreement by huqrugs.

By placing an offer or buying a product client confirms to have read, understood and agreed to these conditions. 

2. Delivery

The delivery term is 8 weeks, starting once a 50% downpayment of the total sum of the order is received by huqrugs. Within 8 weeks after receiving the downpayment the order is ready to be shipped from our production facility. Shipment to client is done in coordination with client and will take extra time, depending on the location of delivery. 

Costs of transport from the factory to the buyer are for buyer.

All orders are definitive.

Once a order is confirmed by the downpayment it cannot be withdrawn or changed.

Client shall check the order for imperfections on delivery.

The client specific nature of the order makes it unfit to be


3. Price

Prices are as shown on huqrugs website and may be indexed regurlarly.

No reduction can be made by client without the specific agreement on forehand in writing by huqrugs.

In case client wishes changes to the original design or special developments the price of the product will be increased by the extra work and material needed to develop and execute the product.

The price of the product does not include shipping.

Shipping from the production facility needs to be paid for by client.

In case of orders from outside the EU custom and import charges will have to be paid for by client. Prices as mentioned on the website include VAT.

4. Payments

Payments need to be in huqrugs bank account by the agreed time.

50% needs to be paid as a downpayment to confirm the order.

The remaining 50% plus transport costs will need to be paid for within 14 days of delivery.

Costs for (bank) payment are to be paid for by buyer. 

Costs for transport of the order are for buyer.

 5. Ownership

Ownership of product stays with huqrugs untill the full sum of the order  is paid and received by huqrugs.

Buyer allows huqrugs on its premises to collect its wares when they are not paid for within agreed terms. 

6. Colour matching

Huqrugs will strive to match colours for production to their samples in the best possible way. Small colour differences may occur since the product is made by hand with natural material, this is no reason for reclamation.

7. Custom Development

In case a client chooses to have a rug especially designed or developed to his or her wishes client will have to pay for the design process, costs of development and samples on top of the price for the rug.

When a design or development is made for client, client will have to pay for this work even if the process does not result in a rug.

It is agreed that development and designprocess will take extra time.

After the final design is approved and the 50% downpayment is received the regular 8 week delivery term for the production of the rug applies.

8. Samples

Samples may be lent to client for a restricted amount of time.

Ownership of all samples will stay with huqrugs.

Development of samples will have to be paid for by client.

9. Size

Size differences of up to 3% may occur.

Differences of upto 3% are no reason for complaints.

10. Complaints

In case client should find serious mistakes to the delivered order huqrugs should be informed in writing within 14 days of delivery.

Huqrugs can take the delivered goods back and or repair them to their best ability. Small differences in the final product compared to the samples or design may occur since the product is handmade from natural materials, this is no reason for reclamation.

11. Brand

Goods ordered or bought from huqrugs may be resold by wholesalers or otherwise but must always be presented, sold and branded as a huqrugs product. 

12. Intellectual Property

Huqrugs is and shall stay owner of the intellectual property right and copyright of its designs, presentations in photographic or other ways.


12. Responsibility

Huqrugs is not responsible for any damages or losses to client or third parties occuring from slow delivery or imperfections of the ordered or sold product. 

13. Force Majeur

Failure or delay of delivering an order because of Force majeur like war, strikes, fire, floods, material shortages etc. are not huqrugs responsibility and cannot be a reason for client to cancel the order or ask for payment of damages.

14. Applied laws

On all our orders and sales Dutch law applies.

All disputes between clients and huqrugs shall be submitted to the courts of the Netherlands.